Pam Castillo

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Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner and Trainer Pam Castillo bring great dedication and warm humor to empowering each person she partners with to achieve their full potential in life: “Fun, Joy, and Clarity is what brings your soul to life from within. My work gives you access to your words, your power and your wisdom.”

Her clarity and focus supports clients to move their lives forward as they learn how to fulfill and satisfy their goals and desires.

A client says it best. After 15 years enduring and being treated for her depression with prescription medication, she is now happily married and writes this about her experience with Pam:

“I wanted to tell you earlier today a situation occurred where something not very cool happened and I was treated pretty poorly. Previously, something like that would have really put me in a funk. It was the kind of thing I know would have really put me into a state of sadness and negativity. The good news is while I did feel the normal “upset” and emotions, I responded in a whole new way! I did not go into a funk or get into a bad mood. I felt the emotions and reacted in the opposite way I used to. I saw the POSITIVE in the situation and I ended up in a BETTER mood than I was in before it ever occurred. Only moments later I was walking down through Vons whistling! It feels amazing and this has proven to be a huge and awesome result from working with you. I have felt so joyous about the whole thing, I wanted to tell you so you would know. The best part about it, it all came naturally to me – it required no conscious effort to say to myself “ok, I’m going to see the positive, I’m going to be in a good mood, etc.” It just happened. It is the new me. And I am so excited about it. I am ever so grateful for this change, those I’ve already seen, and those to come. I want to say thank you!”

– Bonnie B.

She quickly identifies each client’s unique learning path, which enables her to

communicate what makes the most difference for them. She teaches her clients to

unlock their innate gifts, as they gain confidence from Pam’s clarity of vision and her

focused delivery of the principles and best practices of NLP.

Her work with clients both in seminars and privately includes these areas of focus:

  • removing limiting beliefs and fears
  • transforming procrastination
  • communication skills
  • well being in mind, body and spirit
  • releasing emotional baggage and pain
  • self development and life expansion
  • creative expression
  • business and career goals
  • life partnership intentions
  • relationship satisfaction
  • life purpose
  • gaining the experience of personal freedom
  • harmonious living
  • empowering young adulthood
  • building financial clarity
  • finding soulmates and marriage making

Pam’s unwavering passion lies in inspiring others to greatness.

More client comments:

“I am now able to ask the questions of myself that help me get beyond my old stumbling blocks.”

– R.F.

“Pam has given me a different way of looking at my life and my world. She has pointed me towards a path that has and will continue to provide enormous benefits to me. I am grateful.”

– J.B.

” I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance…Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.”

– D.

“Before learning about NLP from you, I never would have believed that something which seemed so deep-seated could be turned around in a single afternoon. Yet, experiencing is believing! Thank you so much!”

– L.S.

“Bring life to your soul from within. At the core of all healing and success is Love. It is

my belief that bringing a healing hand for the love and wellbeing of all will spread peace,

one person at a time.”- Pam Castillo

Pam Castillo

Has earned wide recognition and accolades from senior colleagues as well as from Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP, with whom she trained, and John LaValle, the President of the Society of NLP. She also hold advanced certifications in Persuasion Engineering, Design Human Engineering and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning as well as earning dual degrees in philosophy and comparative religions while studying biology, philosophy, comparative religions, and marketing at the collegiate level. Through her extensive knowledge of communications, the mind, and healing, Pam helps others achieve limitless outcomes on multidimensional levels of health, wellness, and success. She maintains an active membership in The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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