Claustraphobia treatment

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Help For Claustrophobia is available to you

  • Imagine how wonderful it will feel
  • When you’ve overcome claustrophobia
  • The freedom you will have
  • To go wherever you want, even closed in places
  • There is a way
  • It’s Hypnosis and NLP.

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How did I get the fear of closed in places?

We all have an extensive experience file. Somewhere in the
Distant or even recent past we may have been trapped in a
Closed in place. It may have not appeared until years later.
Our mind takes it out of awareness and over generalizes the fear.
Most of us have a huge, sloppy fear file. So that the response becomes automated out of our awareness. Then the brain learns to imagine the worst
Of being trapped in a closed in place. It’s a conditioned response over time. But you can learn to overcome claustrophobia, and we may well be able to help you.

The Fear of Enclosed Places and being Trapped

It becomes so conditioned that even imagining the fear or anticipating it

becomes traumatic. It becomes a pattern of behavior or conditioned response.

Why? Because our thinking or imagining leads to feelings. In the case of Claustrophobia, the feelings are limited and downright unpleasant with anxiety.

Some people suddenly developed the fear by experiencing stress, having anxiety and then connected it to the elevator they are using or traffic jams, etc.

There are different areas the result in claustrophobia and include:

  • Fear of elevators
  • Trains and airplanes
  • Traffic jams
  • Movie theaters
  • Any place where they feel they are trapped
  • Medical or hospital procedures like MRIs

This fear can have a negative on lifestyle and health. This results in avoidance behaviors like checking for a n “escape” route or sitting near doorways and exits.

How can I overcome Claustrophobia and get rid of the limitations attached to it?

We use the direct and indirect methods, techniques of NLP and Hypnosis which are many and varied. We have an NLP Fast Phobia Cure and other techniques of both

that are very effective. Very often one session will help you eliminate the fear.

Some people may take 2 or 3. It depends upon the individual. Everyone is unique. We listen and watch in order to utilize the skills and techniques the most effective for you. You can overcome claustrophobia so do get in touch with us today.


I became very afraid of elevators and traffic jams as an adult. The first session I attended with Barbara, I climbed 15 flights of stairs to get to her office. The work she did and that we did together was very effective. I left her office and used the elevator to exit. She met me on the first floor and I was fine. My life is no longer limited and I have the freedom to go where I want.