Julie Flanders

Achievement expert Julie Flanders is a powerful success coach, a gifted healer, and an inspired creative guide. A Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Creativity Coaching and Success Technologies, she is a graduate of Yale, with a degree in English literature. Julie helps her clients to manifest their highest goals with balance and enjoyment.  Her mission is to help people live the most exceptional, contributory and enjoyable lives they are capable of. Identified by Time Out New York as “one of New York’s top practitioners,” Julie has taught, performed or appeared with such human potential leaders as Byron Katie, Elizabeth Lesser, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Arjuna Ardagh, and has traveled the US performing, speaking and teaching at such venues as The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, The Lodge At Woodloch, and The Crossings in Austin. A creative artist in her own right, she is an award-winning songwriter and the founder and lyricist for the band October Project, which recorded two albums on SONY/Epic and toured the world with Sarah McLachlan in the 1990’s, setting the stage for Lilith Fair and subsequently forging a path as a successful independent artist.


I have known Julie Flanders for a decade. She is a remarkable practitioner and an inspiring human being. She is one of my most esteemed colleagues. She can change your life.

Douglas O’Brien Hypnotherapist / Internationally recognized NLP practitioner

Julie has been a creative and inspirational force in helping me realize a long held dream of putting together Healing Concerts. She has used her amazing intuitive and healing skills to help me tap into my heart and let the lyrics flow from a place of truth and power. The results are effortless and moving. She is a light that I truly am grateful to have come upon.

Aleta St. James Spiritual Healer / Life Coach Author of Life Shift

Julie Flanders has been a wonderful partner in my creative process. Using a combination of written exercises, physical movement, and visualization techniques, Julie has helped me to “dream big” and enact a step-by-step action plan to reach (and in some cases exceed) my goals, both personal and professional.

Jama Jandrokovic Classical Vocalist

Julie Flanders has completely changed my life in every aspect. She is extraordinary—and so is my life!

Robin Baron Interior Designer

You saw me as an artist, a storyteller, a performer of some sort (when I could not see it for myself), and now I am exhibiting my work in NYC & Austin (at major galleries and the UN) and creating books with art and stories. The “performer” has found me in various forms (e.g., finalist for Starting Over TV series—which you intuited months before the opportunity presented itself!)

You are also a web weaver with the uncanny knack of connecting people in a way that is natural and inspired. Most of all, Julie, you knew what was needed for me to believe in myself, claim my highest life. You intuitively facilitated me to see it for myself and make subtle, profound shifts within, allowing me to not only manifest creative projects, but to cherish myself and my life. For that I am grateful. It’s as if you “saw” me, wrapped it in a little present, and gave it to me to unwrap myself. Thank you for the gift. You are a gift!

Jessica Lutz Account Manager, National Geographic, Fine Artist / Photographer

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