Jeff Schoener

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Among some of what he consults and teaches are other-than-conscious awareness skills, enhanced relationship awareness and dynamics, removal of fear and phobias and other limitations.

As a licensed trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and Design Human Engineer™, he utilizes the extraordinary NLP skills he has learned, successfully incorporating them along with his own insightful teachings and experience. With the endorsement of Dr. Richard Bandler, Jeff is the recipient of the only NLP Wordsmythe License Certificate by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.

His company is Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, through which he focuses his unique methodology for personal growth with whole-brain learning, essential to re-educating mind-body processes in order to manage the unfamiliar territories of all aspects of change.  His methods of training have helped his clients overcome beyond the limitations of fear, compulsions and destructive behavioral patterns, achieving great success with his clients and audiences alike in bringing about positive change.

He is devoted to all aspects of relationship possibilities, which is demonstrated within his teachings in classes and workshops of his now popular “Attracting the Right Mr. Right”, “Recognizing Your Perfect Mate” and “Patterns of Attraction”.

Jeff is also the author of “Just Before…The Memory and Sensory Enhancement Guide Book©” and several audio CD workshops on healing and stress management, including Cellular Acceptance© and The Caregiver’s Relief Kit© series, his latest audio products making its way in the healthcare community.

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