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Barbara Stepp sees clients in the Chicago area; also internationally via Skype. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. With over 40 years as a hypnotherapist and 22 as an NLP Master Practitioner, Barbara has helped thousands of people with many, diverse issues. She is an international trainer and change work specialist. Barbara is the life/professional partner and heir to the intellectual property of genius hypnotherapist, Dave Dobson, PhD…..No Fault Psychology™ and Other Than Conscious Communication™. Honored to have been trained by and co-trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, she learned much from this genius. She is President, Society of Other Than Conscious Communication™, Excellence Quest Training International, OTCC, Inc. and OTCC Publishing. Barbara’s book and CD set, co-authored with Dr. Paul Varnas, focuses on mind/body health and is entitled, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Energy, But Were Too Tired To Ask. She recently published Dave’s book, Pain Alleviation posthumously and also has Hypnosis recordings, including Simply Hypnosis, The Original BeachTrip, Housecleaning, Adventure in into Health and more. Barbara also publishes a monthly newsletter, Stepp’s for Better Living. You can subscribe at www.excelquest.com


“Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You’ll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age.” Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP “Barbara Stepp will take you through your quest for excellence in the most elegant way that only she can. Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it.” She’s sort of like that cute little pink bunny with the drum, she just keeps going and boy are we glad! She is a true professional and an asset to NLP™. She is one of the few trainers we can refer people to and not have to think twice. We know they will be in good hands.” John LaValle, President of the Society of NLP™ “We have worked together so many years and over that time, I have had the sincere privilege of getting to know you and seeing your loving heart at work. You are a beautiful lady inside and out!” Anthony Robbins Training with Barbara Stepp is like being taught by your fairy godmother as the audience is captivated by her charm while she helps you create the life you want. The energy that Barbara projects comes from such a good place, her courses turn into wonderful experiences as she works her magic. It’s the wonderful way you sit on the stage and talk to the audience, Barb, it’s like your casting spells and granting wishes.  Barbara, it’s a  pleasure to learn from you. Adrian Brown, Licensed NLP Trainer, United Kingdom. “Barbara, you are an amazing coach and teacher and after taking your class for the second time, your level of skill is ever more obvious. And what fully stands out the most is your integrity, your passion and your love for others and for what you do. Thank you for being a legendary coach and teacher” Tom Venuto, Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Fit Over 40 and The Body Fat Solution Barb, You have a high level of professional integrity that is much needed in all fields involving change work. My thought, ‘This lady really walks her talk!’ You have a keen sense of praxis; making theory real world and applicable. My thought, ‘ Why isn’t all training kept this simple and reality based?’ Anyone who wants to sleep through a lecture had better go elsewhere. Your use of accelerated learning and lots of hands on integrative learning experiences…Wow! What a rush! From day one this is a nonstop learning roller coaster on greased tracks! Everyone likes to do business with people they can trust and who are just plain nice. You more than qualify. The only thing I might have left is about your cape and the red S on your chest. I highly recommend Barb’s training, whether it be NLP™. DHE™ or Hypnosis!!” Michael Barr, President Necktop Computing Inc. “Barbara Stepp and the Excellence Quest Institute has been an inspiration to me. The knowledge and skills I have gained through her coaching and training have been of great benefit to my clinical practice as well as stress management and improving relationships in my personal life.” Eileen Grace Registered Nurse Hospice Program Coordinator

Barbara’s Qualifications Are:

  1. Licensed Practitioner of NLP® – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  2. Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®
  3. Licensed Meta Master of NLP-
  4. Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP-
  5. Licensed Practitioner of DHE® – Design Human Engineering®
  6. Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & DHE®
  7. Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning™
  8. Peak Performance & Master Coach
  9. Clinical Hypnosis Diploma
  10. Director Excellence Quest School of Hypnosis
  11. Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
  12. Member of National Guild of Hypnotherapy
  13. ABH Approved and Certified School of Hypnosis
  14. Master Trainer of OTCC™ and NFP™ – Other Than Conscious Communication™ and No Fault Psychology™
  15. Reiki Master Teacher
  16. Barbara Stepp is licensed by the Society of NLP
  17. No-Fault Psychologist and Certified PPT Practitioner

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