Learn to manage stress

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Hypnotherapy and NLP can Help you with Stress Management

  • Imagine reducing your stress level
  • Enjoying relaxing and peace of mind
  • Feeling calmer and more comfortable
  • Feeling healthier and happier
  • With resources Hypnotherapy/ NLP can give you
  • You can be in charge of your own responses

How will you help me with stress management?

Stress management covers many types of stress. Some say that we all need a certain amount of stress. We help you to eliminate unwanted stress. There are many generic tools offered almost everywhere that treat the symptoms of stress. With Hypnotherapy and NLP, we work to help you to train your thinking. By doing changing the way you think, you will have more personal conscious and unconscious so that you will have less or no stress.

What Is Stress?

There is so much out there labeled, “Stress”, and a plethora of definitions. There can be stress due to illness, job, depression, economy, etc. We aren’t interested in focusing on the “why” of the stress, but in what stress means to you. We appreciate that you have undesired stress and certainly don’t want to be stressed out. And the key to improving the way you think and feel is to stop focusing on way you have been thinking and feeling in the past, but rather lead your mind into more flexible, resourceful and yes, positive ways of thinking right now. This is stress management that works.

Treatments of Hypnosis and NLP are tailored to your situation.

Because each individual is unique and “Stress” can mean different thing to different people, we want to know what stress means to you. Only then will we create your Hypnosis and NLP special treatment that fits your special situation. While conventional therapy or counseling can be effective, our approach is different

in many ways. Rather than going over the past problems, we use the approach that is more direct….we prefer to use techniques that retrain the mind directly.

Putting It into Perspective

We Pay Attention, look and work with you help you gain control of your imagination, the way you look at things, and help you put things into perspective. We work with the way you imagine, the way you talk to yourself (tone of voice) internally and externally, and help you to utilize the resources you already have, but have been unable to access until now. Most of us have experienced times when we felt calm, comfortable, confident—very resourceful. Our aim is to work with you to interrupt those stress patterns, take these resources and apply them to the stress and be in charge of how you respond. Proper stress management…

How Long Will it Take to Manage the Stress on My Own?

We invite you to contact us. We already know you don’t want to feel stressed.

What we want to know is what do you want? You can get control back into your life when you need it most. WE have accomplished this in one session and because we all have different experience files, it can take up to 3 sessions.