Kick your Cocaine habit for good!

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NLP and Hypnotherapy combined can help you stop the addiction

  • Have you had enough of the fall- out from the addiction?
  • Do you want to stop using cocaine?
  • Are you at threshold?
  • How will you feel when you are in control?
  • And have control over your choices
  • And can create more productive outcomes?
  • How great will you feel when you are in control?
  • You can enjoy all this and more. How?
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP can assist you to stop
  • Addiction and symptoms

Cocaine users develop a tolerance to the drug with repeated long term use and it takes more and more to get the high. They often act paranoid, manic and lose their grip on reality. They also experience hallucinations. Even so, they are still looking for that high and it takes more and more cocaine to get to it. Some have told us that they are looking for an escape—a mini-vacation from reality.

Can you help me stop using cocaine?

That’s an important question, but the most important one is, Do want to stop? Since you are reading this you probably are at threshold and have had enough “coke. You may have tried many times and then got drawn in, yet again. And if you want to stop you can. Obviously, if we can help you lose the craving for the rush and help you overcome the circumstances dragging you back into using it, then a lot of the job has been done.

Using this powerful combo we can help you stop

We have had great success in helping people stop using cocaine quickly and effectively.

We are delighted that many stop after only one session. Some may take a few more. We do not guarantee 100% success. It depends upon your level of commitment.

Often users develop paranoia and lose touch with reality while experiencing auditory hallucinations. They have a high tolerance to the drug and use more and more cocaine to feel that feeling they have experienced.

How will you help me stop using cocaine?

Firstly, you have to want to stop using. Being at threshold when you’ve had enough; then you are ready to stop. Your level of commitment is key. We do not do anything against your will. And we do have the amazing skills and techniques to help you.

We quickly utilize brain training and programming/re-conditioning automated patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviors of the cocaine habit. That’s right….habit….a bad habit. Using NLP and Hypnotherapy, we use NLP techniques to tackle it head on and condition new patterns of thinking

with Hypnosis including, feeling imaging and behaving, so that the behavior you want, free of addiction now becomes automated.

How long will it take me to stop using cocaine with your help?

We use a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy and the average is 2-4 one hour sessions.