You can stop lying

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  • Compulsive lying can destroy relationships
  • You can improve the quality of your life
  • When you stop the lying
  • There is a way to stop
  • Get the help you need to stop lying
  • The help is Hypnosis and NLP

It doesn’t matter why you have been lying

Fear is an emotion or feeling that usually drives the behavior or compulsive lying.

For example, the person lying does not want anyone to feel bad or perhaps they are trying to feel better themselves. Often the lies are actually huge exaggerations.

Lying can Seem to Destroy a person’s life

We have worked successfully with people with people whose habitual lying has resulted in loss of friends, marriages, jobs and more. Once they get started, then they have to tell more lies to cover the lies they have told.

The cycle of lying goes like this…fear, lying, regret, sorrow, fear. It just goes on and on- – never ending.

We use a powerful combination of NLP and Hypnosis to assist you to get out of that loop and finally end it, to stop lying for good. Often, we discover that the individual develops a stronger sense of self and value as they eliminate the habit of lying forever.

What do you do the help me to stop lying?

We use the winning combination of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Hypnosis and the many skills and techniques to help you stop lying by building new patterns of thought. Re-conditioning or training your brain to stop the habit and build new ones.

How? By teaching you to end the automatic pattern and re pattern your thinking process. Because it is your pattern of thinking that create the feelings. The mind puts on automatic the things we do habitually for example, driving, writing your name—-lying.

The more you do it the easier or more habituated it becomes. We help you to break the habit of lying.

Do you do counseling?

While people have benefited from traditional counseling, we are exactly the opposite. We do not listen to your problems. Talking repeatedly about your problems only makes you an expert in your problems. We do listen to you and we are more focused upon what you are thinking and how you think. We are brain trainers. We help you train your brain to stop lying and to tell the truth. You can feel more comfortable, and confident, and get way past the disaster and heartache you felt in the past.

How Long will you take to help me stop lying?

It may take 1 to 3 sessions. We have often done it in 1 session. As usual, it depends upon the individual and the severity of the compulsive lying. You can stop lying, and we may well be able to help you so get in touch today.


Thanks, Barb, for helping me to stop lying. I lied to impress everyone. I was having trouble at work. My friends joked about my lying. Most importantly, I was losing my fiancée. It took only one session to learn how to change my thinking and therefore my feelings and behavior. Mostly, I feel better about myself and who I really am. And I am now married.

Mark K.