Control Binge Eating

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Hypnosis and NLP can help you

  • Stop Binging
  • Eat healthy
  • Re-condition you own mind and
  • Feel Great and in charge

Many have told us that they binge without thinking, indicating that it is often out of their awareness. Some people engage in the behavior to feel better, comfort themselves. There are many “reasons” for the binging. The whys are not helpful or useful.

It may seem to be beyond your control, but you can learn to stop binge eating now

We use NLP and Hypnosis to help you gain control of the habit. We have a plethora of methods kill and techniques to help you to train your mind and get control of your life again. We help you re-condition your own mind to stop binge eating and build healthy eating habits.

Get the control you desire

We work with you using the many resources of NLP and Hypnosis to show you how to control the seemingly “automated” thought patterns. You can change the thought patterns, which result in better feelings and taking charge of your life. Again, we do this with NLP and Hypnosis and we help you to re pattern the behavior on a conscious and unconscious level so the old desire to binge simply ends easily.

Get Nutritional/Medical advice if you deem it necessary

It advisable for anyone who has any “eating disorder” to see a nutritionist

and/or their doctor for advice.

Discover the freedom and peace of mind as you end that disorder and control your own food intake in a healthy way. Enjoy the feeling of liberation.

Why do I binge eat?

Some people eat for comfort, some people eat for emotional reasons. Perhaps you always ate too much as a child and the habit stayed with you. Perhaps you see binge eating as a release from your everyday life. There is an instant ‘gratification’ from consuming fat and sugar so perhaps you do it for the short-term ‘good’ feelings you get. Perhaps you do it and hate every moment of it but find yourself doing it anyway….

But you know what? Binge eating, in whatever form you have been doing it, is a HABIT. And habits can be broken, habits can be re-patterned. You CAN learn, or ‘relearn’ to eat well, eat at a healthy slow pace, and enjoy, really enjoy, the taste of healthy food. And it may well be that you can do this much faster than you think….

How many sessions will it take to stop the binge eating disorder?

Of course, it differs with each person, but it averages between 2 to 3 hour- long sessions.