Learn to love Public Speaking

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Hypnosis and NLP can end your public speaking phobia

  • When you overcome the fear of public speaking
  • How different will your personal/professional life be?
  • You can speak with confidence in any context
  • There is a cure for the fear
  • And it is Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnosis combined with NLP is a most excellent way to help you to overcome your public speaking phobia and become more confident naturally.

We have worked with this fear/phobia for many years and very successfully. We have worked with individuals, businesses, students and corporate officers internationally.

Be a better to excellent public speaker

It doesn’t matter whether you are speaking to only 2 people, giving a presentation with your team members, to representatives in a business/sales context or a large group at a conference, even a television presentation, we can help you eliminate the fear using some of the many techniques we offer in Hypnosis and NLP.

What will you do and how can you help me alleviate my public speaking phobia?

Firstly, it’s productive to realize that you were not born with the fear. It is a learned pattern of behavior.

With NLP and Hypnosis we simply help you “unlearn” it. It doesn’t matter if it is anxiety or total panic, you overcome your public speaking phobia and become a confident, comfortable, calm speaker. You will be able to stop that behavior and focus your mind on the 3 “Cs”——comfort, calm and confidence. Yes, we teach you how to change your thoughts from the unproductive to ones that are productive for you. You learn how to re-condition your patterns of thinking. We also give you resources to take with you after our sessions.

The fear of the fear

There is a commonality in all levels and contexts with this fear of public speaking.
It is the fear of fear. Individuals plan in advance to be nervous, worried and/panicky.

How long it will it take?

It can take from 2 to 4 one-hour sessions to defeat your public speaking phobia, and often takes only minutes in 1 session.

From our experienced point of view, it is one of the easiest and fastest cure ever.


Our vast experience had proven repeatedly than the techniques and skills we teach our clients are enormously simple and effective.

Barbara Stepp worked with Alexander, a director of sales for an international company.

He was sent to the USA to set up a branch. When Barbara worked with him on the fear, she discovered that before a presentation, he ruminated, fretted, saw himself “messing up” by forgetting what to say. He knew his material but these thought patterns and imagination were not useful. We utilized NLP to offer him better choices of thinking and imagining. Using Hypnosis, we helped him to re-condition his thoughts and internal pictures. While realizing and utilizing the resources he already to his full potential.