End your fear of flying

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Hypnosis and NLP can stop your fear of flying.

Phobia of flying is a Common Fear

Some statistics tell us that as many as 20% of our world population has some sort of fear attached to flying. The fear can vary from be being able to fly, but uncomfortably. Others just can’t even get into a plane and of course, the phobia prevents them from traveling experiences far away wonderful parts of our world or even visiting dear ones. It limits the quality of their life. We have helped many people for many years, to rid themselves of the phobia of flying.

What is fear or phobia of flying?

Most fears are learned patterns of response. Perhaps you experienced turbulence, perhaps your plane was delayed because of “a small technical difficulty”. Maybe you were worried or stressed and attached it to flying. Perhaps you’ve never flown but saw a plane crash on television, movies or in the newspaper and developed fear response to flying. It is similar to people’s response to the old shark movie, Jaws. Suddenly there was an outbreak of water phobias.

How can I eliminate Fear/Phobia of flying? How can you help me?

It doesn’t really matter why or when the fear developed. What matters is that you can stop the fear. We have many resources and what we do depends upon your personal situation. The Fast Phobia Cure, developed by Dr. Richard Bandler is one of the many effective techniques and methods we use in ending the phobia. We have a plethora of NLP techniques and skills. We use Hypnosis to help you unconsciously be able to enjoy freedom from fear by avoiding the conscious resistance and offering beneficial suggestions.

  • Imagine the freedom to fly anywhere you want
  • If only you could stop feeling afraid
  • And could end that fear
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you
  • Stop the fear and live a life of freedom
  • We have helped many people get rid of their phobia of flying

From people who have never flown and just the thought of it terrified them, to people who experienced a plane crash, onboard fire, etc…….the situations and successes are endless. We have even worked with private and commercial pilots, including airplane owners.

Whether it is simply a fear of flying or a combination of fears like fear of heights, falling, enclosed places (claustrophobia), losing control or the no escape syndrome; it is just as easily and successfully treated as a simple phobia.

Fear of Flying-Symptoms and coping strategies

Many people have that fear and fly anyway. They often have symptoms like

sleeplessness in advance of the flight, anxiety, nausea, hyperventilation, etc.

In order to fly, they will take sedatives, drink large amounts of alcohol during flight, or perhaps see a therapist in advance for relaxation and breathing exercises. We have been told by our clients that it didn’t help. Many people have a huge file in their minds labeled fear. In other words, they have a fear of fear. They plan in advance to have the fear, even if they don’t realize it consciously.

Hypnosis and NLP can end that fear for good!

We listen to you and use the techniques for you to personally so that you can enjoy the freedom from the fear of flying and have more choices.

How long will it take?

Using the skills of Hypnosis and NLP we expect help you to end the phobia of flying in 1 to 3 one-hour sessions.

We offer help with any fear or phobia. If you want to stop a particular fear and improve the quality of your life, we invite you to contact us.