Learn to Control Pain

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Hypnotherapy and NLP for Pain Control and Pain Management

  • If are you experiencing chronic pain
  • Seek medical help
  • Get checked medically first
  • Hypnosis can control pain
  • Pain can be mutable with Hypnosis
  • It can even eliminate pain
  • See if Hypnosis and NLP can help you

Hypnosis is well-known for helping to mute and control pain

Before you decide to use hypnosis for pain control or pain elimination,

see your doctor. If you have a chronic or persistent pain, we recommend seeing a neurologist.

If you doctor approves, we are happy to treat the pain with hypnosis and NLP.

The most common pain we have treated successfully is headaches and migraines

specifically. And we have treated other body pains. We have often gotten good results in only one session.

The function of pain

Pain is a warning signal to let you know that something needs to be handled….something is not right in your body. We need to pay attention to that warning signal and get medically treated for the cause. If you check out medically we will treat the pain symptom with hypnosis. Often we have worked with clients and their physicians.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes chronic, persistent and ongoing pain exists long after the value of its function. We have had many success in treating or eliminating it with Hypnosis and

Also NLP techniques.

Hypnosis and NLP to help with pain

There are many excellent exercises that help alleviate or mute pain.

Utilizing Hypnosis and NLP techniques of programming or re-conditioning in conjunction makes a measurable and wonderful difference. In several cases it has eliminated the pain completely.

We have had great successes working with doctors and their surgical patients in helping them to get comfortable immediately after surgery without pain meds.


Barbara Stepp does a lot of work in the area of discomfort and severe pain. She works with pre and post surgical and medical procedures as well as childbirth.

Rose had one session using Hypnotherapy for a serious surgical procedure.

Rose says, “Barb, I hoped the one hypnotherapy session we had would help me through the pain after surgery, but I had minor discomfort, at first. The doctor was amazed that the bleeding was minimal as I was and still am. Hypnotherapy works!