Cure Vaginismus

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Hypnosis and NLP Help For Vaginismus

  • If you suffer from vaginismus
  • Sex is painful or impossible
  • Imagine being free of it
  • And how different your will be
  • Vaginismus can be cured
  • Hypnosis and NLP may help you

How can hypnosis and NLP help with Vaginismus?

Well, the idea here is that we train you in a variety of ways to help you overcome vaginismus. By reducing the anxiety about this issue and encouraging your body to relax naturally we aim to help you to bypass vaginismus. Consider vaginismus as a conditioned response, a learned ‘behavior’. Hypnosis can be very good at reprogramming such responses by directly accessing the power of your unconscious mind. It is, after all, at least partly an unconscious response…

In addition, a range of techniques from the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are also employed to stop you from being so anxious about vaginismus. Worrying about it and expecting it to happen and feelings of fear all contribute towards the problem. So what we do is simple. We train your imagination to ‘expect’ to be more relaxed, to ‘expect’ to enjoy penetrative sex comfortably and easily.

It is this combination of NLP and Hypnosis that may well provide powerful help for vaginismus problems, enabling you to put this issue in the past and begin to move on with your life much more comfortably.

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is involuntary muscle spasms of the muscles surrounding the entrance to the vagina. This issue does not allow penetration. Endeavoring to insert a tampon, a gynecological exam, or sex is not possible. In fact, it is difficult to impossible and can be very painful. It is widely believed to have a psychological cause and considered to be a psychological reaction. We treat it as such and have succeeded in eliminating this unwanted muscle response.

How does Vaginismus happen? What is the cause?

1. Unproductive beliefs about sex. It could be from many areas like religious beliefs, parental influence, poor or lacking sex education, cultural influence,

or fear of pain or embarrassment.

2. Trauma. Rape, sexual assault, embarrassing sexual experience, including a painful or embarrassing gynecological exam.

3. Relationships. Anxiety, fears, trust, uncertainties within the relationship may have and most probably contributed to your vaginismus.

Help For Primary and Secondary Vaginismus

If an individual has always experienced this problem it is defined a “primary.”

If an individual has developed the problem later in life then it is defined as

“secondary.” Both types are treatable. Although the secondary is often easiest to treat.

Hypnosis and NLP have proven very effective in the treatment of primary vaginismus as well. Help for vaginismus may be just a phone call or email away so please do not hesitate to contact us.


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