You can cure your fear of spider

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Hypnosis and NLP to cure your fear of spiders

  • Arachnophobia is a common phobia
  • Millions of people are afraid of spiders
  • How will you feel
  • When you are free of the fear
  • There is a cure for spider phobia
  • And it is NLP and Hypnotherapy

A fear of spiders is a learned fear

It is a behavioral pattern that is often learned Other Than Consciously (unconsciously)

We all have a big, sloppy experience file in our minds marked “Fear.” Often these experiences are out of our awareness. (Unconscious). They become automated patterns of response. The fear of spiders is exactly an automated response. See spider, get afraid. Each time we have the experience we reinforce the fear.

One individual told me he remembered his father finding a spider in their basement and chasing him with it. That can definitely install a fear of spiders in a child.

Your imagination is very powerful

Often they are terrified at the way a spider looks and they imagine the spider biting or attacking them. Most of them realize it is illogical, but they still have the fear response.

They can just imagine a spider in the room and go into the fight or flight response.

Especially since the brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or imagined Often individuals don’t know where the fear came from or why. It can be a one-time experience made even scarier over time….a generalized fear pattern.

We create our reality with our language and imagination

And it results in feelings; in this case big, hairy fear feelings. We humans scare ourselves a lot. We think about a fear, imagine something happening that makes us afraid; we use the “what if” words that cause us to be anxious and afraid.

NLP and Hypnosis can help you eliminate fear of spiders quickly

We use the techniques of both to help you stop being afraid of spiders. We have successfully done countless spider phobias and other phobias as well. We help you to recondition your thoughts, your representation of reality, imagination to rid yourself of the unreasoning fear. It usually takes one session, thought sometimes it make take 2 or 3, depending upon each individual.


Jason brought his spider phobia to my NLP Practitioner Course. He was ready to get rid of his fear. I used the Fast Phobia Cure and included other techniques along with it.

It took less than 20 minutes. The same day, he saw a spider crawling across the room, gently picked him up and put it outside. The next day he told the class that he found a spider in his house and amazed his wife by laughing.

He said, “Thank you, Barb, I got so much than I expected in the class, and the getting rid of the fear of spiders is fantastic!”

Amy came to me with a spider phobia so bad that she couldn’t walk anywhere outside without looking for them and usually found them. She was terrified.

She couldn’t even eat at a sidewalk café or visit Lincoln Park, and she lived in beautiful downtown Chicago! Of course, we have many techniques for phobias. We reconditioned her thought patterns, her imagination and she ended the fear for good.

She said, “I didn’t really think this would work but I had to try. I’m so glad I did. Thank you, Barbara. It seems funny now.” She and her mom were so impressed that they still send me clients who need help.