Fear of Birds can be cured



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Hypnosis and NLP can cure your fear of birds

  • Imagine the freedom
  • Of being to go anywhere
  • Free of fear
  • We can cure bird phobias
  • We have hundreds of times
  • With Hypnotherapy and NLP

Fear of birds can be terrible

If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t possibly appreciate how devastating the fear of birds can be. When a person goes outside to enjoy themselves in the fresh air….perhaps in a park, a mall, sidewalk café, the beach to mention a few; and there are many more. Many people cannot even tell you what about birds frightens them; they just can’t be around birds, see them on television, or in a photograph. In severe cases, they get phobic simply talking about them. It’s a very real fear.

To those who haven’’ experienced this phobia, it may seem amusing just at first. For the individual who has the fear, it can be a nightmare. This fear prevents them from enjoying simple things of life like a family picnic. This fear includes any type of bird, most commonly pigeons and sea gulls.

How do you intend to help me cure my fear of birds?

The NLP Fast Phobia Cure is very effective and rapid. We also have numerous and varied skills and techniques within the methodologies of NLP and Hypnosis……Many techniques that will work. We do not do cookie-cutter or only one technique for you. Since we always treat you as a unique individual, we will use the most effective tools

for you.

Some Things that Can Panic People with the Fear of Birds

  • Nature programs on television
  • The sound of flapping wings
  • Being in the general vicinity of birds
  • Fear of being attacked by birds
  • Scared of being trapped in a room with birds

One client even made me promise that I wouldn’t have a pigeon in the room to test my work. She said if I did, she would leave immediately!

These responses are not rational and have nothing to do with intelligence. The responses are simply that…..conditioned responses. We will recondition your response for good!


Marietta at the time was a 27 year old graduate student who had such a horrible pigeon phobia that she took a very long detour to get to and from her summer job every day. Her job was in pigeon land, Downtown Chicago. She could have gotten to work in 5 minutes, but took over 15 minutes to arrive at work. Sometimes the panicky looking around for the stray bird and the overwhelming fear made her late. We got rid of the phobia in only one session.

She wrote, “Thank you for getting rid of the phobia so quickly. I go to work or anywhere outside and haven’t even thought about it. I certainly used to see birds everywhere outside. Now, I must see them and so what? They are just part of nature. The freedom I have now is wonderful!”